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KFM/KGFM series anti-corrosive and wear resistant composite ceramic material is independently developed by Anhui Doctor Tao. 

The main ingredients are anti-corrosive and wear resistant materials like ZrO2, SiC, and Al₂O₃. The composite ceramic material is constructed with new polymer material.

This series of material has been awarded the national patent certificate.

This product consists of two components A and B. It is cured under normal temperature.


High adhesion: Bond strength≥25MP.

High wear resistance: 3-5 times of that of rubber, several times of that of quenched steel

High corrosion resistance: This product is a neutral material with stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion and acid resistance. It can withstand all kinds of inorganic and organic acids and organic solvent. 

Heat resistant: KGFM heat resistant series product can withstand temperature up to 250℃.


KFM/KGFM series product can be widely used in FGD field of coal-fired power plant, e.g., spray header wall of absorber, support beam for spray pipe, agitator periphery, slurry recirculation pipe, and slurry recirculation pump where serious wear and tear occurs.

It can also be used in dust removal pipe in power plant, pneumatic conveying , coal washing plant, concentration plant, etc..

It can be used in collaboration with coiled ceramic material 


NameComposite Ceramic Material
A potionB potion
Density (g/m³)1.5±0.101.45±0.10
Viscosity (pa·s)Paste (50-90)Paste (7.8-28)
Appearance and colorWhite to beige colloid (color can be adjusted)
Operation time (min)30±5
Surface drying time (h)1.5±0.5
Hardness (Shore D)80±5
Nonvolatile concentration (%)≥99.0
Shear strength (Mpa)≥20.0
Impact strength (Kj/㎡)≥4