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Anticorrosive coating

Inorganic zinc-rich coating is a type of environment-friendly, non-toxic, long-lasting, multi-functional inorganic zinc-rich anti-corrosion coating that uses water as a solvent. The highlights of this products are wide range of application, high performance, safe transportation and application, and competitive pricing.


Thin & Light:C2-C4 light to intermediate level of corrosive environment—single coat(dry layer thickness 100um) C4-C5Iheavily corrosive environment—dual coat(dry layer thickness 150um)

Safe: water solvent, non-toxic, no volatilization(VOC emission), stable composition makes it convenient to transport.

Time saving: surface dry in 20-30 minutes, completely dry out in 24 hours. Either brush paint or spray paint is a suitable method of application.

High weatherability: Product life cycle is up to 50 years.

Excellent adhesive property to base material: Metallic oxide nano material together with rare-earth oxide superfine powder form a surface transition layer, which ensures the tight bond between the coating and base material. 

Excellent anti chemical corrosion and anti corrosive medium permeation: Super anti chemical corrosion, anti corrosive medium permeation, excellent adhesion to base material, and excellent mechanical property help solve the problems like split and fall-off lining caused by “re-rust” to a considerable extent. Also, our product has a significant effect on solving problems like swelling and cracking of the lining. 


Wide range of application: Civilian watercraft repair and manufacture, offshore platform, port&dock, wind power generation, bridge, petrochemical, metallurgy, power generation, water diversion, municipal, construction, etc. C3---C5M corrosive environment at various degrees.





GB 1728-89
附着力1级GB 1731-89
耐冲击性KJ/平方米50GB/T 1732-93
GB/T 1735-2009
耐盐性(3%NaCl,60℃,720h)无异状GB/T 1763-89
耐碱性(ph9 碳酸钠浸泡,720h)无异状GB/T 1763-89
耐油性(97#60℃汽油浸泡720h)无异状GB/T 1734-93
耐油性(柴油60℃汽油浸泡720h)无异状GB/T 1734-93
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